Angel Izard


Progressive. Vegan. BLM. Pro LGBT. Feminist. Environmentalist. Youngest of 20. I got you.

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Hello Friend,

My name is Angel Izard and I love people. I've said it before and I'll say it again: If I could meet every single person in the world and be their friend, I would. I'm the girl at the party who sees you standing alone and feels compelled to come talk to you and learn everything about you. I'm the witness to some bullying who jumps in and starts yelling at the bully, but then feels bad for being mean to the bully. I'm the one in the cafeteria who sees that you spilled chocolate syrup on your pants, and then pours some chocolate syrup on my own pants so you don't have to be embarrassed alone. I could go on, but I think you get it. I'm that girl. I feel compelled to do my part to improve the lives of as many people as I can. I bring with me a positive, progressive voice, and I am always willing to listen, and to learn.

Don't let my absolutely hilarious (really? nah) introduction fool you, I'm a highly intelligent, educated, and professional individual. I was offered scholarships at top tier law schools around the country, I was awarded for having the highest GPA in my undergraduate major, I graduated summa cumm laude with a 3.83/4.0, and I finished undergrad with two majors: Political Science and Criminal Justice, and a minor: Law & Public Policy. I'm a SAG actor and I've worked professionally on TV and in commercials. I started my own eco-friendly small business: Green Buffalo. I worked in DC at the Capitol for Hillary Clinton as her press intern. I currently work at a top Medical Staffing Agency and I am number one in the company in my Recruitment position. They value me so much, I am the only one in my entire office who gets to work from home. Tough life, I know.

But wait, don't let my dope education and experience fool you, I grew up broke as a joke! We were riding the free-lunch train and hitting up our church's food pantry every Tuesday. I am the youngest of 20 kids (6 died before I was born, RIP), and by the time I was born it was just a single mom and 10 kids still living at home. I'm not one of those privileged people who is like yes, let me go into politics because I love privilege and I want to maintain my privilege and also keep privilege with just me and my other privileged friends. Nope, not one of those. I am one of those people who understands the struggle. I know what it was like not to be able to buy new clothes because we couldn't afford it. I remember a particular pair of markedly grungy old mom shoes that I wore to gym class, and my gym teacher even made fun of me for them! In his defense though, they were really terrible lol. But yes, things weren't easy growing up. I worked hard as hell during school because the goal was always college. I knew I was smart enough to get rich doing some career or another. I sure as hell wasn't going to be poor my whole life! So I made sure to get dope grades so I could have colleges give me scholarships, which they did. 

But funny how things change. I've seen a lot more now. I've traveled to almost every major city in the country (except Denver and Portland, I'm coming for you!), and I've been to small towns too. I've been to the wealthiest of neighborhoods and dined with politicians, and I've hung out in the hood, not just your grand momma's hood, the real hood. The hood where the sound of gun shots are more common than the sound of wind chimes. I've volunteered with impoverished kids and elderly from the inner city, I've talked to a lot more people, I've made a lot more friends from different walks of life. And you know what I've learned? Lots of people have WAY MORE BARRIERS TO SUCCESS THAN I HAD. Shoot, makes my growing up life look like a cake walk. Did you know there are kids in high school in LA County who can't add 3+5? I saw this with my own eyes. So here's what's up. I had my struggle. Struggle sucks. I want to make it so people don't have to struggle. It makes me actually tear up when I think about the crap that people have to deal with.

I just want to help, and that is, straight up, my only motivation. Most recently I've been volunteering with St. Barnabas Senior Services, and most recently prior to that I was a Big with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Los Angeles. On the campaign front, I volunteered extensively in both CA and NV on the Bernie Sanders campaign. I also phone-banked and canvassed for Progressive Democrat Laura Friedman, who just won her race and is now our new Assemblywoman for our District, 43. Laura has done me the honor of endorsing me for my ADEM race this year, for which I am very proud and grateful. I ended up getting Runner Up, can't complain!

So, I hope you enjoyed my unnecessarily wordy and sometimes brash introduction. Please come to me personally with any questions or inquiries, or just to say hello. What I bring to the plate is SOMEONE. WHO. CARES.



-Bernie Sanders for President. Volunteered heavily in both CA & NV.

-National Convention Delegate Candidate for Bernie (CA-28). Came in 6th out of 120+ candidates, with no slate.

-Laura Friedman for CA Assembly District 43. Volunteer.

-U.S. Senate Office of Senator Hillary Clinton. Press Intern.

-Phil Kellam for Congress Campaign, Democrat, Virginia. Volunteer.


-Bernie Sanders Brigade

-National Women's Political Caucus Los Angeles Metro

-East Area Progressive Democrats

-Stonewall Democratic Club (pro LGBT organization)

-Los Angeles County Young Democrats


-Actor. TV/Commercials.

-Recruiter. Fantastic at working with diverse groups and personality types.

-Small Business Owner of an Eco-friendly company: Green Buffalo.

-Non Profit Sector. Worked with foster youth & underprivileged families in family court matters.

-Division I College Cheerleading Coach, and Athlete.


-St. Barnabas Senior Services of Los Angeles

-"Big" with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Los Angeles

-Hispanics United

-Women for Human Rights and Dignity

-Numerous other organizations, I always try to be volunteering somewhere


-Post Graduate Education: Several Law School and MBA Classes: University of  Miami School of Law, Canisius College, Lynn University.

-Undergraduate Education: 3.83/4.0 GPA, summa cum laude graduate.

-Double Major: Political Science & Criminal Justice. Minor: Law & Public Policy.

-All College Honors Program, Dean’s List Every Semester.

-Criminal Justice Award for Highest Cumulative GPA in the major.


-Youngest of 20 kids.

-Aunt of 18 nieces and nephews, so far!

-Speak Intermediate Spanish.

The Izard Family!